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Success Stories

“Kristine’s advice helped me to lose – and keep off – 45 pounds. That has never happed to me before. In my mind, Kristine is a miracle worker.”  - Lin Schriber

“Kristine pinpointed my post-partum health problems (after unexplained symptoms were dismissed by a series of doctors). She recognized the interwoven source of trouble and helped me heal naturally through nutritional counseling and supplementation. I feel more vibrant than I have in years and liberated from blood sugar drops.”  - Katherine Adams 

“Kristine has been nurturing me for two years now. Her knowledge is prodigious. She doesn’t just prescribe, she explains and advises. My Kristine is cheerful, friendly and helpful and has become one of my family." - Peggy Seeger 

“Kristine is a brilliant nutritionist by virtue of her sheer empathy, kindness and her vast expertise. Kristine inspired and guided me to optimal health.”  - Joan Embree

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