Kristine works with you to create a plan for your unique needs. She determines what nutrients you need and how your body absorbs and processes them. She performs state-of-the-art science-based testing, which might uncover toxins, hormonal imbalances or even hidden parasites. Once Kristine knows your health issues, she creates an action plan to improve your health and functioning. 


Kristine will show you the basic principles of wellness and therapeutic lifestyle change. By blending western medicine with cutting edge science – research, clinical testing, and controlled studies based on anti-aging philosophies and disease prevention – she can help you feel better and be symptom-free. You can achieve a new level of energy, renewed enthusiasm and serenity through optimum health.


TEL (617) 360-1929

FAX (413) 332-0719


“Kristine’s advice helped me to lose – and keep off – 45 pounds. That has never happed to me before. In my life, Kristine is a miracle worker.”  - Lin Schriber

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