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Healing with Foods that Nourish

Kristine Bahr of Cutting-Edge Wellness 

by Kim Childs  | Published on November 2013


Kristine Bahr is a clinical nutritionist whose career grew out of her childhood challenges with food sensitivities and allergies. The problem was so severe that Bahr had to receive shots and sterilize her environment to manage her condition. As an adult, she discovered that her issues were caused by an improper diet. When Bahr tested herself for food sensitivities and eliminated the items that caused inflammation, her health improved. In 2001, she combined her degrees in counseling and clinical nutrition to establish Cutting Edge Wellness in the Boston area. Natural Awakenings wanted to know more about Bahr’s approach to helping people feel better by eating the right foods.

Treating Inflammation, Naturally 

Kristine Bahr | Published in Gold Magazine

Joint problems and arthritis can affect every athlete, from golfer to swimmer to ironman. It is best to determine the trigger for the problem rather than mask the pain with drugs. I always use a holistic approach to healing and try to determine the underlying cause of the infliction – whether it be from injury, chronic use, diet or lifestyle. In most cases inflammation is the cause. Most people don't believe arthritis can be prevented because there's a common perception that joint cartilage (the cushioning that covers the bones in a joint) simply wears away with age. But actually joint cartilage wears away with inflammation with is a normal healing process.

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