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Welcome To A New World of Healing

The growing awareness among people everywhere is that we all need to seek a more natural path to heal ourselves and maintain wellness. Many of us realize that we are living an unhealthy lifestyle, or may already be experiencing chronic disease, and have discovered that the approach of conventional medicine does not offer lasting solutions to their needs. People are looking for real answers on how to advance themselves nutritionally and promote the best conditions for a healthy life. Though for many the biggest question is “how?”.  


At K.Bahr, Kristine will help you open up a new world of possibilities that will answer that question and others you may have about your health, focusing on the physical, chemical, and energetic levels particular to every individual. Her in-depth insight along with the advanced testing methods she utilizes work to pinpoint specific solutions, and create a customized path for each individual's wellness. You will find it to be an educational and transformative experience that is unique in the healing world.


Kristine's goal is to enable people feel better, and guide them towards taking control over the factors contributing to ill health. Kristine specializes in identifying and addressing the root causes of chronic illness through a whole body system approach called Functional Medicine. She empowers her clients to stop managing symptoms, and to start treating the underlying causes of illness. 

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